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Guardian, Conservator & Executorships

Guardian & Conservatorships for Adults and Minors  

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal processes that protect individuals who are unable to make decisions on their own behalf or care for their wellbeing due to injury, illness, inability or age. Establishing guardianship or conservatorship can be fairly simple when all parties agree but can be much more complicated when contested by one side or the other.

Rebecca Davies represents clients in guardianship and conservatorship petitions for emergency and permanent actions, helps you understand the rights and duties of a guardian, determine whether you have grounds to seek guardianship or can assist you in appointing someone to care for a minor or incapacitated adult.

Professional Trustee & Executorships

Appointing a professional trustee or executor can bring peace of mind when you have complicated legal and financial considerations. Depending on the complexity of your estate and your chosen beneficiaries, an independent fiduciary may be appropriate to safeguard the distribution of your assets, oversee business interests and manage your investments. Rebecca Davies’ experience and competence will ensure your present and future needs are met.

Your family's needs are important. For legal issues concerning guardianship and conservatorship or establishing professional trustee and executorships, let Rebecca Davies help you find a solution. Call for more information or to schedule a free consultation today.