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Probate Litigation & Estate Administration

Probate is the legal procedure where property and assets are transferred after a person’s death. Although the definition sounds simple, probate can be very complicated as well as emotional and stressful. Seeking counsel from a probate law attorney who knows how to nagivate the complicated process and court procedures, whether or not there is a Last Will and Testament, ensures a smooth and fair transition for all.

Effective probate counsel can include proactive steps such as notifying heirs of their rights, transferring legal titles, and appointing conservatorships. Taking inventory of property or assets correctly, along with filing legally required annual returns and submitting court reporting, is a key step with many nuances that having an experienced probate attorney can help you successfully navigate. Furthermore, in the event a dispute arises, having someone familiar with the details of the estate that can ensure all steps in the probate process have been handled appropriately will lead to your best legal outcome.

Rebecca Davies uses her depth of knowledge and experience within the probate court system to oversee your complex probate matters from beginning to end – including contest litigation if necessary.

Effective Estate Planning and Administration  

A well-executed estate plan ensures your assets are in order and provides effective management of your financial and personal affairs if and when you’re unable to do so or after your death. Comprehensive estate planning by a professional who can provide guidance, patience and compassion can lessen your loved ones’ distress, inconvenience and expense during a difficult time.

Rebecca Davies works with you to determine your options and offers a number of different ways to prepare for the future. Services include:

  • Creating a financial power of attorney
  • Creating a healthcare directive
  • Revocable living or special needs trust
  • Establishing guardianship and conservatorship for minor children

Whether you have relatively simple or complex estate planning considerations, she can structure a plan that meets your needs while protecting your family’s valuable assets. Create peace of mind by developing plans to preserve, protect and distribute assets appropriately and according to your wishes.

Rebecca Davies can take the stress out of the probate process and provide thoughtful counsel for what matters most. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation, today.